Metallic Paper Gift Bags with Metallic Handles, Party Favor Bags for Birthday Parties, Weddings Gifts 12 Pcs. 10x13x5”

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Our trendy silver metallic gift bags made by Prime Line packaging are made with 100% premium metallic art paper. These bags are decorated with an all over glossy metallic silver print that gives the bag a contemporary look. Use these bags for various occasions like holidays, birthdays or as gift bags. The long and sturdy rope handles are strong enough to carry multiple items at once. Put your personal touch on these metallic silver foil bags by using colors, stencils, stamps, or markers. The bags can be decorated to your liking to give or take home as a party favor. The metallic foil paper is thick enough to hold various types of ink with ease. Measuring 10x5x13, these bags can be used as goodie bags, party favor bags, event bags, gift bags, or merchandise bags, and come in a pack of 12. The premium thick rope handles ensure comfortable, yet stylish carry. Our high-quality paper ensures these bags can be reused multiple times and also simplifies the gift-wrapping process. Simply place the gift in the bag and decorate to your liking. Given the chic metallic silver design, these bags can be used for personal or professional events.


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