Small Red Gift Bags - 6x3x9 Inch 100 Pack Kraft Paper Shopping Bags with Handles, Craft Totes in Bulk for Boutiques, Small Business, Retail Stores, Bi

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These small, yet sturdy, paper bags are designed and constructed with strength in mind. The reinforced paper twist handles prove convenient to carry while being soft on the hands. The bottom of the bags are wide and flat so that they can stand easily. We only use high quality kraft paper. Prime Line Packaging Brown Kraft Bags are the perfect vessel for Birthday gifts, Christmas presents, and much more. The classic rectangle shape is great for a variety of small presents. Easier to deal with and nicer than boxes, use our paper gift bags the next time you want to give that special someone a present. Being plain brown allows you to design and craft the bags any way you like. Laminate a photo and attach it to our bag to add a personalized touch or decorate them with stamps, stickers, drawings, and more. Other than for gifts, Prime Line Packaging Brown Kraft Bags can be used for shopping, restaurant takeout, and much more. Use them at your next party or event to give out goodies or candies! No matter what small items you want to fill them with, our paper bags are sure to bring joy and delight to anyone's face. Strong and durable, Prime Line Packaging Brown Kraft Bags are built to be reusable so that you can use them again and again. The paper twist handles are stronger and last longer than the flimsy handles competitors often use.

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