Shopping Bags for Boutique - 25 Pack Black Plastic Totes with Soft Loop Handles, Large Opaque Bags in Bulk for Small Business, Retail Stores, Parties,

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Our premium quality, durable and waterproof soft loop handle gift bags are made with high quality polyethylene plastic that keeps your gifts and items safe and dry. The bags are self-gusseting to prevent sagging. Sizes available are 19.5x15x4, perfect for any size party favor or gift. The bags are perfect to use as goodie bags, party favor bags, gift bags, merchandise bags, take out bags or even event bags. Black or white bags serve as a blank canvas to customize then in your own way. Use stickers, markers or paints to decorate your bags. The bags themselves are also easy to carry. Our durable merchandise bags are equipped with strong soft loop handles. Store your belongings in these bags to ensure they stay out of the elements. Not only are these bags great for parties and storage, they are time, money and space savers; no need to deal with purchasing individual bags. Our premium soft loop handle gift bags are available in packs of 25 or 50. Each pack of black or white bags are perfect for any event. When not in use, these bags lay flat for easy storage. The opaque material on our soft loop handle gift bags are made with a high-density plastic, which are also durable and opaque; giving your items privacy and security. They come in handy for gifting, party favors and serve as great goodie bags. The bags are perfect for non-fragile items.

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