Magnetic Gift Box - 15 Pack White Collapsible Boxes with Lid Closure in Bulk, Luxury Cardboard Packaging for Boutiques, Small Business, Apparel, Retai

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Prime Line Packaging's unprinted collapsible gift boxes are made from quality 1,000 GSM board wrapped in premium black soft touch laminated paper. These unprinted boxes are perfect for gifting in any occasion whether it is for weddings, parties, holidays and more. The high-quality paperboard finished with soft touch lamination can be conveniently reused again as a storage box to store everyday items like jewelry, clothing, gifts and more. medium sized gifts will fit best for these boxes with soft touch lamination, measuring at 6”W x 6”H x 3”D and can fold flat when not in use. Coming in one case pack of 15. Other sizes available. Great bulk packs for store use. Our boxes are the perfect multipurpose gifting item. Great for retail use, parties or wedding favors held any time of the year. Also use our unprinted gift boxes for merchandising, weddings, organizing crafts or gifts, handmade gifts and use for any other celebration occasion. Equipped with two durable magnets on each side of the lid, our premium boxes provide a tight and secure seal, securing the contents inside. The magnetic lids make opening and closing the boxes simple. Once closed, the gift box secures the items inside. Finally, the high-quality paper material ensures these boxes can be reused multiple times and simplifies the gifting process. Simply place your gift in any of the assorted sized boxes and secure the lid. Finish with ribbon. Given the simple design, our unprinted gift boxes can be used for personal or professional events.

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