Small Reusable Bags with Handles, White Fabric Tote Bags, Strong and Eco Friendly for Shopping, Gifts, Groceries, Merchandise, Events, Parties, Take-O

Sale price$20.00 USD


In need of a gift bag, grocery bag, or a personalized bag? These eco-friendly bags provide you with the versatility that can handle any job! Constructed with premium reusable materials, they are perfect as a last-minute gift bag, cutting down our carbon footprint at the grocery store, or crafting something special for a friend. Get creative with logos, stickers, fabric paints, markers and more, to transform this bag into one that is truly unique.Whether these are stuffed in your car, thrown in the closet, or shoved under the sink, the reusable materials and sewn construction make them durable and long-lasting for continued use. If a trip to the grocery store turns messy, just toss the bag in the washing machine and hang it to dry!If you keep finding yourself forgetting your bags at home - with a pack of 12, you can keep some in your kitchen, store some in your car, or share some with your friends! Mix and match colors to show your true personality while shopping - and if you're a light packer, hand these out as gifts to your friends and family, the possibilities are endless!


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