Prextex 5 Ft. Inflatable Water Sprinkler Unicorn Yard Sprinkler

Sale price$30.00 USD


One 5 Ft.Tall x 4 Ft. Wide Tall Inflatable Unicorn Water Sprinkler, Designed with Lively, fun colors.
  • Splash! Prextex Inflatable Unicorn Sprinkler will Provide your Kids with Endless Amounts of Water Fun under the Sun!
  • Easily Inflates with Air Pump. Requires Water in Base for Wind Resistance. Fill Up the Legs of Unicorn with Water Hose and Inflatable Sprinkler will become Wind Resistant.
  • Water Sprays through the Horn of Unicorn. Once Inflated, Connect with Garden Hose and Adjust Water Pressure to Higher or Lower the Water Spray Height.
  • Ideal for Toddler, Kids and Adults alike! Let the Entire Family Enjoy some Outdoor Fun and Cool off as they Frolic in the Sun! Just the right Size to fit your Backyard.

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