Prextex Classroom Storage Baskets - Multicolor - Organize Crayons and Pencils

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Perfect for Crayons and Small Pencils
These prextex baskets are sturdy, brightly colored, and are the perfect size for your crayon or small pencil collection.

4.5 inches wide and long, by 2.5 inches tall, these can store up to 80 crayons or over 100 pencils.

Multi-Purpose Use Baskets
Should it be chips in your pantry or soap at your kitchen sink, these Prextex baskets are the perfect organizers or object holders for wherever its needed.

Water resistant and strong quality plastic makes them reusable for years to come.

Small Enough to Fit Smaller Spaces and Big Enough to Hold Stuff
Perfect for offices or teachers desks, these baskets will be a win win for teacher and students.

These baskets are being used by hundreds of students every day so be one of them and enjoy your organized desk once and for all.
  • 12 Bright Color Baskets Graet for Storing Crayons or Small Pencills .
  • Each Basket is 5X5 Inches and 3 inches tall
  • Strong Plastic That Will Hold For Years To Come
  • Perfect Size For Small Pencills Crayons, Or Small Items That Can Easily Get Lost
  • These Are Made Of High Quality Metirial And Safe For Kids

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