Bundaloo Kids Punching Bag Toy - Inflatable, Bounce Back - 44" Inch Tall

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Is your child getting too much screen time? Electronic gadgets are way too accessible for children nowadays. Television, computer, tablet, smartphone?all these keep kids immobile for hours on end. Only the eyes and fingers move and that?s not healthy at all! It is important for little ones to get exercise. However, it is not always possible for children to get involved in physical activities. Some have no access to playgrounds while some find it too tedious to have to jog or run outside. Let your child get physically energetic with the Bundaloo Inflatable Punching Bag for Kids! We care about the health and development of every child. So, we designed a toy that can endure a sudden outburst of energy! Our inflatable punching bag is a freestanding toy that bounces back whenever it gets hit. This 44-inch high bopper bag for kids is super tough. Do whatever you want with it and it keeps coming back to its original standing position. Kids will love how it wobbles back and forth! Children who participate in physical activities will find this punching bag useful. It can help them train for agility, speed, balance and coordination. This bopper will also help them perfect their hits, strikes, punches, kicks, and other combative moves. Here are more reasons to love about our kids? punching bag: ? Easy to clean and maintain ? Waterproof surface, perfect for pool or lawn sprinkler play time ? Cool group toy for parties and get-togethers Give your child a toy that encourages active and energetic play. Add the Bundaloo Inflatable Punching Bag for Kids to your cart today!

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