Premium Classroom Headphone & Mic Set by Sonitum- 3.5mm Jack Stereo Sound Earphones with Microphone & Soft Swivel On Ear Pads- Perfect for E-Learning,

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SONITUM PREMIUM EARPHONE & MICROPHONE HEADSETS - WITH 3.5MM JACK CABLE & HIGH QUALITY STEREO SOUND. Designed specifically to fit the needs of the recent turn to online meetings, e-classes, remote working and learning, and distant education, these microphone-equipped headphones are a dependable, no-frills solution to your daily needs. Whether you?re a home user looking for headsets for your family and loved ones, a teacher looking for affordable e-class accessories, or a business owner looking to invest in some dependable online meeting and distance work accessories, these bulk headset bundles are right up your alley! To cover all your different needs - for you, your family or your classroom - the Sonitum colorful headphones are available in: - 5-Packs - 10-Packs HEAVY DUTY CONSTRUCTION & MAXIMUM CONNECTIVITY To ensure they?ll rise up to the challenge of everyday use, these over-ear headphone and microphone headsets are made with heavy duty, lightweight bendable plastic, and are equipped with extra-strong cables and 3.5mm jacks. Compatible with any computer or smart device! EXCELLENT QUALITY VALUE PACK - SPECIALLY DESIGNED FOR E-LEARNING, ONLINE CLASSROOMS, MEETINGS, CALLS & MORE! * HQ Sound for superior sound quality every single time * Lightweight & durable frames that can be bent * Adjustable fit perfect for both adults and kids * Comfortable swivel cups that allow hours and hours of wear * 3.5mm jack for Universal Compatibility with endless devices * Noise Reducing Technology for maximum comfort * Extra thick wire for enhanced product-life * Perfect for home use, businesses, schools, libraries, kindergartens, internet cafes and spots, online classes, museums, health and youth centers, and more! ENJOY EVERY SINGLE CALL TO THE MAXIMUM - NOW YOU KNOW HOW. ORDER YOURS TODAY!

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