Stainless Steel Plate Set - 8.25 inch Ultra-Portable Dinnerware Set of 3 Round BPA Free, Sectioned Plates with Mesh Travel Bag for Outdoor Camping | H

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4 PIECE STAINLESS STEEL CAMPING PLATES Our plate set offers a shatterproof solution to long-lasting outdoor dinnerware you can rely on. Perfect for use in the great outdoors, they are made for repeated use, and the dishes remarkably retain their beauty over time. Provides the perfect solution to long-lasting, inexpensive dinnerware you can use at virtually any outdoor event. ABOUT THE PRODUCT: SHATTERPROOF: Plates will not break or shatter from accidental falls or while they are in transit.FOOD GRADE: Toxin and BPA free plates for all your year round outdoor excursions and adventures.CAMP KITCHEN ACCESSORY: Compliments your existing camp kitchen supplies and cookware.SPACE SAVER: The dishes stack vertically inside each other occupying minimal storage space.MESH BAG: Features a breathable and trendy mesh travel bag for easy carriage on your commutes.EASY TO CLEAN: Saves time washing easily with soap and water, and they are also machine washable.LIGHTWEIGHT: Made with quality light weight stainless steel that provides hassle free transportation.STAINLESS STEEL: Designed with an ultra-durable, scratch resistant stainless steel protective body.DURABILITY: An inexpensive camping product that offers a long and reliably healthy lifespan.WEATHER RESISTANT: Designed for use in all weather conditions / compatible with all terrains. GIFT SELECTION: Perfect for enthusiasts who enjoy live events in the great outdoors. PLATE DEMENSIONS: D 9.8" INCLUDES: 4 Stainless Steel Plates

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