PACK OF 2 Continuous Sprayer Hair Water Ultra Fine Mister Spray Bottle Propellant Free for Hairstyling, Cleaning, Gardening, Misting & Skin Care BPA F

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alpree spray bottle features: --No pumping required, just press trigger and get a nice steady stream spray. --Convenient to Refill: Twist open, convenient liquid filling. --Easy to use: A gentle squeeze immediately releases a burst of fine mist --easy to grip handle reduces hand fatigue and delivers steady fine mist minimum pumping. --Airless Hair Mister: Completely sealed, no contamination, --Perfect for barber, stylist, cleaner and gardener, etc. --Can be used in hairstyle, haircut, makeup, skin care, glass cleaning and plant spraying. --Also great for showering your pets or birds who enjoy fine mist baths. Non aerosol and Easy on the hands: With this sprayer, you essentially receive the type of spray you typically get from an aerosol spray can — minus all that unfortunate poison. The spraying is fast acting with very few prime squeezes needed. A gentle squeeze of the patented hand pump, the unique spraying action immediately releases a quiet burst of fine mist that provides full coverage in all directions. The more you pump, the longer the spray. The continuous spray is an evenly distributed, spray pattern that goes 360 degrees for complete coverage (even upside down). The mist is so fine that even the droplets that land on your counters or floors dry up almost instantly. Provides a non-pressurized airless spraying mist that is completely safe and free of propellants. Important Notice: In order to ensure the normal work of the product, we will carry out sampling tests on it. There may be some water in some bottles, please do not mind. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


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