Kids Art Smock Long Sleeve Painting Aprons with Elastic Tight Cuffs Waterproof and Paint Repellent (Blue, 2-PACK ages 2-4)

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Calling all young art lovers! If you're child or student absolutely loves expressing themselves through the magical form of art whether it's painting or drawing, Alpree will keep them covered and clean with the all-purpose Kid's Smock! Protect any child's skin and clothes so they can have fun without you worrying about the mess too much!PRODUCT FEATURES Long Sleeves for Extra Protection Polyester Material Multi-Pocket for Super Storage Waterproof and Non-Absorbent Great for Many Occasions to Defend Against MessesSIZES: Toddlers, Ages 2-4 Preschool, Ages 4-6COLORS: Blue with Red Trim Red with Blue TrimPLAYTIME SHOULD BE SAFE TIMEAct like the loving parent or teacher you are and make sure you children is as safe as possible from toxins and bacteria. Whether your child is finger painting or messing around in the backyard mud, there are hundreds of substances out there that can bring harm to them. Of course you don't want to restrict their playtime so you should just be sure they're as protected as possible. Our smocks are made with durable polyester so that they always remain as safe and free of harm as possible. Get one for your child today!ULTIMATE UTILITYThere are dozens of situations in which you can find a perfect fit for our kids smocks! Indoors, outdoors, school, home, painting, cooking assistant, gardening helper, playing in the rain, the list goes on and on! No matter what your child is doing, keeping them protected from mess is an essential part of safety and leaving you, the guardian, with a lot less headaches. Get a lovely smock for your child and make their playtime a lot fun, happier, cleaner, and safer!

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