Bartnelli Bamboo Laundry Drying Rack for Clothes, Wood Clothing Dryer, Extreme Stability, Heavy Duty Built, Foldable, Collapsible Space Saving | Indoo

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Dry your clothes neatly without taking up a ton of space in your apartment! Hanging wet laundry to dry wherever you seem to find a place for it is messy and aggravating. Surrounded by laundry, those stray socks are annoying. Checking your apartment for where you hung that bathing suit is a time waster. You can always use the dryer. But a dryer wears out your clothes and shrinks or stretches some fabrics. The dryer also increases your monthly energy bill so that you have to shell out more cash. It would be great to have your laundry dry in one place neatly and conveniently while saving energy. And you can have that! If you want to keep your laundry together without overtaking your apartment and without wasting energy, then the HANGING LAUNDRY CLOTHES DRYING RACK is for you. What you get:Sturdy rack that won't tip over 3-tiered drying solution for small spacesOrganized laundry all in one place

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