Kitchen Utensils Set, 24 Silicone Cooking Utensils, Non-Stick and Heat Resistant Kitchen Tools, Useful Cooking Gadgets (Black)

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Our kitchen utensil set is designed with the chef in mind! Featuring 24 pieces of high quality silicone coated cooking tools, this set has everything you need. Made with a stainless steel core and coated with premium silicone, these utensils are heat resistant up to 350 F/180℃. Safe to use on non stick surfaces, dishwasher safe and rust free. ___________________________ This set comes ready to gift in a beautiful box, no wrapping paper necessary! Brink out the Chef in You! Take your cooking up a notch by using our great variety of kitchen tools and gadgets to make every dinner a meal to be proud of! Featuring a complete set of kitchen utensils: Soup ladle Potato Masher Slotted Spoon, Solid Spoon, Solid Turner Can Opener Whisk Grater Ice cream Scoop, Winer Opener Spatula Measuring Cups and Spoons heat resistant cooking utensils silicone cooking utensils kitchen gadgets cooks dishwasher safe cooking utensils Use our kitchen tools while, cooking, frying, backing and even grilling! Heat resistant up to 350 F/180℃, these cooking utensils wont warp from heat. Crafted with premium materials and coated with silicone our kitchen tools can be used and washed over and over and will not rust. If it has the Kaluns name, rest assured its a kitchen utensil we use in our kitchens. Using only food grade materials that are BPA free is something we take pride in. Our cooking utensils are always dishwasher safe. So use them and throw them into the dishwasher for a rinse, so they'll be ready to use again!


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