Kaluns Spatulas Heat Resistant Silicone Spatula Set

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Kaluns Spatulas Heat Resistant Silicone Spatula Set, 4 Rubber Spatula and One Kitchen Tongs, Nonstick Seamless Design with Stainless Steel CoreKaluns offers a set of 5 Versatile Tools: 1 Spoon Spatula, 1 Large Spatula, 1 Jar Spatula,1 Small Spatula and 9" Tong. They are build with egonomic strong Stainless steel core which holds the spatula sturdy when in use. Our Silicone seamless Spatulas won't rip, break, melt, warp or chip. It is Non-stick and 600 F Heat resistant.Bonus Tong: A 9" Tong is what you need. It will help you in the kitchen, whether you need to flip over your pancake or take out something hot from the oven, Our high-quality tongs will serve you right.Easy to clean hang or store: Dishwasher safe - Non-stick. The Tongs will hold and close for easy storage. You can use the hanging loop function for easy air drying or even more, hang it on your kitchen wall for easy access when you are baking up a storm.Flexible but sturdy for Adults and Kids too: Our Silicone heads are designed with a flexible tip so you can easily brush out the rest of the batter into your cake pan. This set features for adults and kids. The small spatula has a short thinner handle which will fit perfectly in your child's hand. Let your little bakers feel like a pro in the kitchen without messing up the cakes.Lifetime Warranty Guaranteed!!! Our promise to you, if you are not fully satisfied with our 4 Piece Silicone Spatula and Tong set, you are ensured for "LIFETIME WARRANTY, GUARANTEED" without any questions asked. This makes your purchase absolutely risk- free and you can enjoy testing out its quality and durability.Silicone Spatula SetAll the spatulas you need... plus a kitchen tong!Kaluns Kichen Tools are high quality, durable and most of all.. their smart! This spatula set has a spatula for every occasion. Whether your mixing the batter of cake, getting the jam out of jar or scooping up veggies, our spatulas get the job done! Plus we rounded out our spatula set with a 9" tong!Whats Included in Our Spatula SetSpoon Spatula,Large SpatulaJar SpatulaSmall Spatula9" TongSeamless Silicone SpatulsThe seamless design prevents from bacteria buildupChoice Of colorsChoose from our black or red options.Perfect Spatula For Adults and KidsSmall spatula allows kids to help in the kitchen


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