Seacoast 16oz Wide Mouth Clear Glass Jars - Pack of 6, Free Shipping and Returns

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Stylish And Elegant Mason Jar Set For Multiple Uses -Do you need to organize your kitchen and pantry? -Do you want to preserve your food in a healthy and money-saving way? -Are you into arts and crafts and are looking for the best material for your home decorations? -Do you like drinking in style? The classic jar set is perfect for everyone and can be used in many different ways. -Practical And High Quality -The mason jar set is made of the highest quality materials for maximum durability and convenience. -The regular silver lids are perfect for storing and preserving your supplies. -Use the jars for canning homemade jam and jelly. -Drink you breakfast smoothie in style from the high capacity jars. -Elevate your parties with cocktails served in the most stylish and interesting way. -Your guests will be impressed by your drinks served in these elegant jars. -Perfect For Crafts And Handmade Decorations -Any arts and crafts enthusiast will love these mason jars. -Use them to create interesting vases and home decorations. -The classic design of these glass jars allows you to be as creative as you want. -Paint them, fill them with colorful rocks and sand or turn them into party lights. -The jars are perfect for personalized and handmade gifts. -Give your loved ones homemade cookies and jams in these stylish jars.

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