Kicko Miniature Bowling Game Set - 12 Pack 1.5 Inch Deluxe - for Kids, Playing, Party Favors, Fun, Boys, Girls, Bowlers Etc.

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Kicko - Miniature Bowling Game Set For Kids, Play, Party, Fun, Etc.Product DescriptionSearching for a cool little accessory for your kids or just yourself?Well look no further than Kicko’s miniature bowling set.Kicko’s miniature bowling set comes with (12) 1 ½ Inch bowling pins with a marble bowling ball for the perfect mini bowling set.Kids will absolutely love this miniature bowling set.Small size makes it perfect for children to play with.Kids can bring them to school and share the fun with their friends or anywhere in general!All it takes is a little setup.This miniature bowling game makes such a great party favor!Comes in a blister card packaging so they can be put anywhere.Stuff into goodie bags, gift bags or prize bags for games.This miniature bowling game can also be used a prop.Miniature size is great to go with miniature figures to make a cool funny video out of.Can even be used as a display piece wherever you want in your home or office!Kicko miniature bowling game is great for people of all ages.Anybody can get some quick fun out of these no matter how old you are.You can find a use for it.Get the best with Kicko!

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