Adir Treadmill Tablet Holder - Exercise Bike Reading Stand / Acrylic Book Holder for Ipad, Tablet, Magazines and Books (9 x 11 x 3.5)

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Are you tired of staring into space or watching mindless television during daily sessions on your treadmill and similar equipment designed to keep you in shape? The AdirSports Acrylic Universal Treadmill Bookholder is the answer to avoiding workout boredom. Available in three, convenient sizes to meet your needs, this lightweight accessory is perfect for use in the gym or at home.Ideal for displaying tablets, eReaders, cell phones, books and magazines, the AdirSports easily slides over most treadmills, elliptical/recumbent bikes, stepper/stair machines and more. It accommodates virtually any equipment with a console/display, and allows you to slip in your device or reading material so you can stay entertained.To provide long-term durability and use, the bookholder is durably crafted using acrylic plastic construction. Even though it?s extremely light in weight, this shatter-resistant material is extremely strong. In fact, it won?t break even if it hits the ground! To top it off, the material is transparent to furnish you with a clear view of your equipment dashboard so you can continue to monitor your progress.It?s so hard to find time to exercise these days. You have to study for a test, you?re engaged in a great book, or you simply want to listen to some of your favorite tunes. Providing the best of both worlds, the AdirSports lets you accomplish any of these tasks while exercising at the same time. Use your workout time to rock out to music or catch up on studying, review important articles, continue reading a best-selling novel or other productive mind exercises so you can effectively work out your mind and body at the same time!

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