Adir Knitted Mesh Tarp Heavy Duty Black Privacy Screen Fence Shade Barrier with Grommets

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Professional Quality Design and Construction. Well known for our technology, quality, ease of use and ruggedness, AdirPro manufactures excellent products in the construction industry – specifically in the leveling instruments sector. Contractors and DIYs worldwide rely on AdirPro products for critical layout reference lines and points for any jobsite task. Every product is designed to the highest standards, enabling you to get all your requirements done safely in the most reliable and efficient way. Versatile Application. Acting as a solid and protective barrier for several different applications with 60% shade and unobstructed airflow, the AdirPro Heavy-Duty Black Knitted Mesh Shade Tarp can be utilized for both residential and commercial use. It can function as a privacy screen, canopy enclosure, patio cover, site barrier or cover, making it ideal for playgrounds, outdoor kennels, backyards, nurseries, agricultural facilities, and dump trucks. From creating greenhouses to fences and more, the applications are virtually endless! Effortless Assembly. Manufactured from lightweight material that anyone can handle, this Knitted Mesh Shade Tarp from AdirPro allows for effortless assembly. Simply string it up to posts, fencing or fixed structures, or use it to prevent fallout for dump trucks carrying large loads. There are brass grommets evenly spaced apart at 2-feet intervals, enabling it to be tied down to its maximum capacity using ropes, cords or straps. Shade and Protect Outdoor Areas. Built to Last. The AdirPro Heavy-Duty Knitted Mesh Tarp boasts heavy-duty construction with its high-density polyethylene (HDPE) material and nylon webbing. This material is extremely resistant against puncture, UV, chemical, water and low-temperature impact, ensuring it can withstand the natural elements and rugged conditions without tearing or puncturing. Provides 60% Shade. Keep your outdoor area shady and cool while protecting the space from windblown leaves and debris. AdirPro’s Heavy-Duty Knitted Mesh Tarp blocks 60% of the light to provide shade, yet allows water and unobstructed airflow to go through for better air circulation all year long. As such, it effectively offers privacy and temperature control in any of your outdoor spaces. Choice of Size. To accommodate your needs, AdirPro’s Heavy-Duty Black Knitted Mesh Shade Tarp is available in 10’ x 12’ and 10’ x 14’ sizes. Each tarp is equipped with double-stitched, 1.5-inch wide reinforced nylon webbing to offer a stronger hold, helping to prevent the mesh from fraying to ensure long-term strength and reliable use for years to come.


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