Adir Acrylic Donation Ballot Box with Lock - Secure and Safe Suggestion Box - Drawing Box - Great for Business Cards (6.25" x 4.5" x 4") - Clear

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The Adir Acrylic Donation and Ballot Box measures 6¼” L x 4½” W x 4” H, leaving enough room for plenty of slips of paper, but not so much that you're overwhelmed when you have to empty it and go through the contents. Because of its small size, it does not require much space and can easily fit on any desk, table or counter space where you deem it's appropriate. It's made of durable, acrylic to hold up against standard wear and tear, providing long-lasting strength and use for many years to come. Even though it's light in weight, acrylic is shatter-resistant and won’t break even if it hits the ground! The material is also transparent, allowing you to easily see when the box is full and needs to be emptied for continued use. A sturdy lock keeps the box firmly shut, ensuring that the contents inside are safe and secure. Meanwhile, two keys allow for quick, easy access to open the box and remove the items inside, making more room for additional material. For added convenience, there is a 4” W x 6” H display area attached to the back panel so you can include personalized instructions. This space leaves enough room to clearly state your message while not being overdone. It can be removed with ease, allowing you to create a different message for a vast array of events many times over. This box is a necessity for anyone looking to collect an anonymous comment, suggestion, or idea from employees, customers or visitors in any establishment. Additionally, it's perfect for ballots, donations, business cards, contest entries and other functions where the name of the person is to remain unknown. Libraries, cafeterias, churches, real estate offices, clinical waiting rooms and businesses of all kinds can find many uses for this simple yet versatile piece.

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