Alpine Industries Toilet Seat Cover Dispenser, Stainless Steel Brushed

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An easy, economical solution to a common problem, the Alpine Industries Toilet Seat Cover Dispenser distributes clean, sanitary seat covers in high-traffic restrooms. Allow your patrons, employees and visitors to have peace of mind when using the restroom by providing them with seat covers that will reduce the spread of germs. Made using 304 stainless steel construction, the Alpine will provide long-lasting strength and use for years to come. It features a rectangular shape with an arch-shaped dispensing area, and is furnished with a brushed finish that will fit into and enhance any existing decor. The dispenser measures 11.8" H X 15.7" W X 2" D, weighs only 2.5 lbs. and comes with included hardware so you can easily mount onto any wall or stall area. It will make a great addition to any frequented restroom, including offices, restaurants, breakrooms, hospitals, healthcare facilities, schools, rest areas and much more. For added convenience, the Alpine dispenses one cover at a time and can accommodate up to 250 single or half-fold toilet seat covers to reduce the number of times it needs to be refilled. When the need arises, it can be easily filled up again from the bottom of unit. When seat covers are not provided, some people will make their own covers using toilet tissue or paper towels. This practice can lead to system clogs, unfortunate backups and increased litter in restrooms. Eliminate those headaches and additional costs with the Alpine and flush everyone's troubles away!

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