Tier Three Mystery Box

Sale price$350.00 USD


Boxed Returns' Mystery Boxes are sourced from global seller returns and are loaded with quality items for people that are interested in reselling locally or on online marketplaces. Even if you aren't looking to resell, Mystery Boxes are a fun and exciting way to get surprised with great, useful items at a low price. Each Mystery Box is curated by hand to ensure a great balance of quality and price.

Each Tier Three Mystery Box contains at least 40 products. The categories of these products range from small home appliances, electronics, electronic accessories, home décor, clothes, shoes, and other general merchandise.

If you need a steady supply of products to resell, then this is an awesome way to get started reselling.

The quality of these products (like all the products we offer at Boxed Returns) may vary due to the nature of the returns. The conditions range from a majority of new or like new products to products that are for parts only.

Note: Your Mystery Box may come in multiple boxes due to varying sizes of products included. Mystery Boxes are not refundable.

Experience the thrill of the Mystery!
  • At least $1,200.00 total MSRP inside!
  • Minimum amount of products in the box: 40!
  • Great for reselling!
  • $20 Shipping Fee

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