Kicko Colorful Magic Sand - 6 Pack of Magic Sand in Assorted Colors - Gifts for Kids, Stress Reliever, Learning Tool, Novelties, Play Sand

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Fantastic time for an extra stretching, play sand, pressing, and molding moment!This phenomenal and kid's favorite multipack toy from Kicko is best during breaks, playtimes, and recreational activities! 6-unit of sand in a storage tub case with cover which you can also refill with doh. Each has an assorted and exciting eye-catching color including green, blue, yellow, orange, purple, and pink. They can build sandcastles and park some toy car rides or anything they can create. Very satisfying because it is so easy to play with and good flexibility for molding, shaping, whirling and sculpting. Suitable for every boy and girl of all ages.Ideal desk toy for children because it comes with an educational value. They can have fun and make use of their leisure time while at the same time learning. It can help to boost up and unlock their wild imaginations and creativity. Young boys and girls develop gross motor skills, fine motor skills, logical thinking, balance, and coordination while building their original creations. Manufactured from top-grade materials, nontoxic components, and eco-friendly so no more worries during playtimes of your beloved youngsters.Great assortment and inclusion for event party handbags, loot bags, and hoard boxes. Host parlor games and make this as winning prizes, giveaways, and freebies. Convenient supply and it gives extra entertainment to toddlers.Add also to your list the other Kicko Party supplies including playdough, egg ball slime, magnetic putty, stretchy toys and many more!

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