Squeeze Craft Color Changing Frudge Putty Heat Sensitive - 4 Pack Slime Putty - 2 Oz per Container - for Sensory and Tactile Stimulation, Event Prizes

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An exciting way to make great childhood memories is to play something that works like magic using a tool from a name that never gets old in its industry.Not just any other Putty but a Color Changing Frudge from Squeeze Craft!Squeeze Craft Heat-Sensitive Putty Toy comes in a Pack of 4 tins. It?s a soft dough that changes color with the heat of your hands or environment temperature! Dark green will change into light green, violet into purple, violet into blue, red into yellow! Each magic putty will bounce like a rubber and stretch like a chewing gum.Putty heat sensitive is a composition of a premium grade thermochromic element, hypoallergenic, and non-toxic materials. It is soft, slimy and squishy for your kids? little hands. Its small metallic resealable container is made of a rust free tin. Recommended for ages 3+ with adult supervision.Use this Silly Putty Clay to add extra fun in a Summer getaway or sleepover. Just remove from individual can and play your fingers around it then bend, shape, roll, squish and more. Place it in the cold storage then against a warm mug to witness an even more intense color change. Add some mood rings, magnetic putty, slime foam, and jelly clay mud to your collection.The Colorful Putty is designed for relaxation and manipulative ability at home, school, and the office. Its squeezy and slippery texture makes a pleasant and self-pacifying tool for children and teens; and a great stress-reliever desk toy for homework, office breaks, meetings, or to fidget with during long phone calls.Great party favors, loot bag stuffers, a treasure in a mystery box, or gaming materials for your friends and family on birthdays, baby showers, Slumber parties, Easter Sunday, Halloween, Christmas season, Year-end celebration or any occasion. It will also work as kids? awesome compensation for their improving behavior and academic achievement.

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