Pet Bowl with Stand Single - Food Bowls for All Dogs with Wooden Stand | Water Feeder with Stainless Steel Feet Tray

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Raised Dog Feeding Bowls - Always Have a Fresh, Clean Bowl Ready for your Dog:Does your dog find it difficult to finish food when it spreads out while eating? Do your dog pets keep knocking feeding bowls over and have trouble gripping the food on a flat surface? Does your dog get embarrassed by the moving food bowls while feeding?You enjoy your meals while at your dinner table! Your dog pet deserves the same attention. This dog meals bowl with a holding tray stand makes the perfect choice for any dog. Give your pet the perfect and luxurious feeding time in right posture. We believe this bowl is a piece every dog owner must-have.Features of our Dog Feeding Bowls:No Skidding or TippingEncourages Effective DigestionRust-Resistant & Easy to CleanReduces Strain on Neck and JointsSafe for your pet, 100% non-toxicSuperb Construction:Designed to improve your pet feeding experience, this stainless steel bowl for dogs is designed with a wooden, enclosed box stand that is surface friendly. The size (10 x 10x 4 inches) is better to feed any dog efficiently to their full belly. No more mess on the floor from overturned bowls. The wooden stand is less slid.No more Mess On your Floor:Show your pet the value it has to you by feeding them right. This all meals bowl is designed to close the distance between your dog and their food to reduce strain on their neck and joints. Elevated dog feeder for small, medium, and large dogs.Raised feeding bowl for messy eaters or cute squished nose animals which find it difficult to get meals left in the corner.Package Includes:Stainless steel bowlWood tray (bowl holder)No More Knocking Off Feeding Bowls and Unfinished Meals!

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