Zuzuro Shiatsu Pillow Massager with Heat – Electric Pillow Back & Neck Massager

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Zuzoro’s incredible Shiatsu Massager Pillow delivers a deep-kneading to relax and comfort tight muscles while offering a superior massage experience.Treat yourself to a heated, deep muscle massage at home or on the go. The pillow massage incorporates a gentle yet deep heat massage for stress relief, muscle pain, tension, aches and knots. The massaging neck pillow is ergonomically designed to merge with the contours of your body for a perfect fit and satisfying results. You can position the electric massager pillow anywhere on your neck, shoulder, foot, leg, or knee while lying on a bed, couch, or just sitting on a chair.Zuzuro 3D Massager Pillow - Portable Stress-Relief for Men & WomenZuzuro brings you a Shiatsu massage pad that features 4x powerful kneading nodes with controllable speed and direction, infrared heating mode and a portable design.Created to help you maintain an active lifestyle and help you recover faster from the gym, your favorite sports or just a long day at work - you can enjoy our massage pad anywhere you goKiss tense muscles on your back, neck, calves, lower back/sciatica, shoulders, and abdomen goodbye!You're in full control of your body, with the Zuzuro Massaging Cushion!4x Powerful NodesThe Zuzuro massaging pillow comes with 4 powerful kneading nodes that are programmed to deliver a deep, circular kneading that simulates the ancient Shiatsu technique for true relaxation.Infrared Heating ModeEquipped with an infrared heating mode, our massage pillow can reach far deep under the muscle for the reapply persistent aching points, and deliver soothing deep-tissue relief.Custom Speed & DirectionStay in full control of your massage sessions and enjoy it exactly the way you like it. Our 4 kneading nodes can have their speed and direction adjusted to your liking.Location-Independent RelaxationThanks to the portable design of our mini pad, you can enjoy powerful Shiatsu sessions on the go, anywhere you are.With the adjustable strap, you can fix them on any office/desk chair, car chair, kitchen or simply enjoy them at home after your gym session or a long day at work.Ride any ache and fatigue from your body, and enjoy your day like you should!Enhance Your Relaxation TimeWhy not make the most out of the time you get to yourself, with our massager.With the ergonomic shape that adheres perfectly to your body, it will be like you have your personal Shiatsu massage master on hold, whenever you need a good, tension-relieving massage.Treat yourself to soothing, deep-kneading massage and we promis you will never go back to life without it!


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