OXO Good Grips 12-Inch Tongs With Nylon Heads

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Not only do these 12-inch tongs cushion hands and provide thumb rests, which are useful when gripping heavy objects, but the nylon heads won_x0092_t scratch nonstick cookware. Doubling as a hang loop, a tab on the bottom pulls out to lock the stainless-steel tongs shut, allowing them to slip easily into a drawer. The nylon heads are heat-resistant to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, and the tongs are dishwasher-safe. --Ann BieriProduct DescriptionThe Tongs with Nylon Heads are made of sturdy stainless steel, with soft, comfortable, non-slip grips. The scalloped nylon heads are safe for non-stick cookware, and securely hold food. Heat resistant to 400ºF. Tongs lock closed for convenient storage. Also available in 9" length.Brand StoryBy OXO

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