Folding Lap Desk for Bed and Sofa - Portable Wide Surface Bed Desk with Built-in Cup Holder and Tablet or Phone Slot for Working, Studying, Eating, an

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Space-Saver and Built-in Features Do you enjoy coffee while you work? Do you need more space for your gadgets and stuff to keep you organized? You will get more with our laptop bed tray designed with a built-in cup holder with a diameter of 7cm, an iPad/iPhone slot with 28cm L x 1cm W, and a pen slot with 7cm L x 3cm W. This is all you need in one folding lap desk! Space will not be an issue for this all-around laptop bed tray having 60cm L x 40cm W x 27cm H. Fold it, store it, and bring it anywhere! Sturdy and Lightweight Material Have a laptop bed tray that has efficiency in both capacity and portability. Made with durable yet lightweight medium-density fiberboard (MDF) and round aluminum alloy frames with an anti-slip cushion on legs making its surface grip stable and sturdy, this laptop stand for bed and sofa is more than dependable! This is an effortless way of adding up a work area without hassle. An Organized Mobile Workspace Working and studying at home requires an area to put your laptop, tablet, phone, and study or work stuff in an organized and safe space. Moving around to find your perfect thinking spot is possible with this folding bed desk. Use this as your everyday partner in completing your workload or even in having your play or movie break. Essential Tool for Work, Study, and Leisure Value for money comes when you can use an item in varied functions, from work to leisure. You can easily put your gadgets in a specialized slot to conveniently attend conferences, watch movies, read books, do arts and crafts, or even eat your breakfast in bed! Ergonomic and Portable Bed Desk With a wide surfaced lap desk for a spacious work area and just enough height for your eye-hand activities, all-around comfort can be expected while using this on the bed, on a tabletop, and even on the floor. Designed for long working hours, now you c

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