LOCKSET Raindrops Antique Copper Bronze Entry Door knob with Keys, Lock Set 60mm Latch, Front Door Lock Handle

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Door handle with lock and key is a kind of security door knob. It can always be locked from both the inside and the outside for safety and security. In most cases, the inside of the key lock door knob is usually closed or opened with a turn or twist used to close locks for doors, while a key must unlock the outside knob. This keyed entry knob lock is often used at home entrances, including front doors, patio doors, and gates. This door handle can also be used in other rooms in the home to protect home security and property security, such as a study room, storage room or office. Also known as Entry Antique Copper Lock, Raindrops design Door lock, Door knob, Door lock with key, Entry Door Handle, Door knob with lock, exterior door handles, 60mm or 70mm Latch, Front door lock, Keyed entry door knob. For your convenience, a guide-manual and Installation video are added to make the process of installation smooth for you. Enjoy your purchase!

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