360 S7 Robot Vacuum and Mop leaner, 2200Pa Super Power Suction, Laser Navigation, Multi-Map Management, Hard Floors and Carpets, Self-Charging, Off-Limit Area Setting,Quiet Operation

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Smarter and more efficient cleaning routes planning LDS Lidar + SLAM algorithm draws accurate maps and plans cleaning routes intelligently to ensure high coverage and high efficiency Smart sweeping and mopping Automatically switches to mopping mode once the water tank is installed. Water seeps out slowly and evenly on the mopping pad. Leaves no water stains on your floor. Higher suction power, lower level of noise Three cleaning modes: Quiet, Automatic, Max When entering carpet areas, the vacuum automatically switches to Max Mode with 2000Pa suction power for deep cleaning. While the suction power is maximized to 2000Pa, the dual noise reduction duct keeps working noise to a minimum. Intelligent water tank The intelligent water tank allows the water to seep out onto mopping pad evenly and slowly while working and to stop seeping when the vacuum is not working. With self-adjusting main brush, cleaner floors The self-adjusted main brush allows the vacuum to handle uneven surfaces with more flexibly. Intelligent room mapping Intelligently outlines different areas. By naming each area, users can customize cleaning specifically for living room, bedroom, corridor, bathroom, etc. Automatic recharge + resume When power is lower than 20%, recharge mode will be activated. After being fully recharged, the vacuum will automatically continue the unfinished cleaning task. Memory cleaning to ensure efficient cleaning of large house Set sweeping or mopping off-limited areas via App Set off-limit areas for either sweeping or mopping by simply touching your mobile without additional virtual walls.


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