DuraSafe Cases iPad 4 iPad 3 iPad 2 - 9.7 Inch [ iPad 4th / 3rd / 2nd Old Model ] A1396 A1416 A1430 A1403 A1458 A1459 A1460 A1395 A1397 Trifold Hard S

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Key Features ✔Exclusively designed for all iPad 4/3/2 9.7” ✔Smart Auto Sleep/Wake ✔Full Protection & Precise Cutouts for Ports/Camera ✔Multi-Angle Viewing/Typing Stand ✔Easy to Install Compatibility  ✔All iPad 4/3/2 9.7 Inch Models iPad 4th Gen ✔WiFi Only (A1458 ➨ MD510LL/A, MD511LL/A, MD512LL/A, MD513LL/A, MD514LL/A, MD515LL/A, ME392LL/A, ME393LL/A) ✔WiFi+Cellular (A1459, A1460 ➨ ME406LL/A, ME407LL/A, MD522LL/A, MD523LL/A, MD524LL/A, MD525LL/A, MD526LL/A, MD527LL/A, ME410LL/A, ME411LL/A, ME195LL/A, ME196LL/A, ME197LL/A, ME198LL/A, ME199LL/A, ME200LL/A, MD516LL/A, MD517LL/A, MD518LL/A, MD519LL/A, MD520LL/A, MD521LL/A, ME400LL/A, ME401LL/A, MG932LL/A, MG942LL/A) iPad 3rd Gen ✔WiFi Only (A1416 ➨ MC705LL/A, MC706LL/A, MC707LL/A, MD328LL/A, MD329LL/A, MD330LL/A, MD333LL/A, MD334LL/A, MD335LL/A,  MD336LL/A, MD337LL/A, MD338LL/A) ✔WiFi+Cellular (A1430, A1403 ➨ MC733LL/A, MC744LL/A, MC756LL/A, MD363LL/A, MD364LL/A, MD365LL/A, MD366LL/A, MD367LL/A, MD368LL/A, MD369LL/A, MD370LL/A, MD371LL/A, MD404LL/A, MD405LL/A, MD406LL/A, MD407LL/A, MD408LL/A, MD409LL/A) iPad 2nd Gen ✔ WiFi Only (A1396 ➨ MC755LL/A, MC763LL/A, MC764LL/A, MC985LL/A, MC986LL/A, MC987LL/A) DuraSafe Cases™ - Durability & Safety of your device in Style. DuraSafe Cases™ is an International Brand of DuraSafe LLC, USA. It is currently available in USA, Canada, Mexico & India.

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