Oopsie Poopsie Before you go toilet spray, discreet & portable original Pre-poo spray to use on the go. Assorted scents Flower Citrus / Wild Mint Toil

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Goodbye, funky poo stench! From here on out, the only thing fellow bathroom-goers will smell is the relaxing scent of our Lavender Escape pre-poo spray.-What?s awkward about a refreshing blend of lavender, honey & pepper? Absolutely Nothing! What?s awkward about the strong fumes of a fresh dump? Absolutely everything!?Oopsie Poopsie is the ultimate bathroom odor eliminator because it stops odors in their tracks.?Our pre-poo spray keeps the poo smell out of the air and in the toilet by imprisoning nasty odors in the water, where they belong. Surrounded only by lavender goodness, there?s no need to worry about others knowing you?ve dropped (or are dropping) a log. Our freshest lavender scent will fill your nose and the space with peace and calm.?Our spray bottles are discreet and portable - perfect for purses, pockets, and backpacks for on-the-go use. You can finally say ?No more!? to awkward after-poo eye contact, to distressing anxiety and paranoia, to uncomfortably waiting for the restroom to empty to get a little privacy.?Bring (or maintain) a sense of cleanliness anywhere you poop, which may include:-Your home-Your parents? or grandparents? home-Your friends? homes-The office-Thepark-School (Because kids and peers can be gross)-Travel destinations (hotels, theme parks, restaurants, camp sites)-The library-The doctor?s office-The mall-College campus ?Not just a pre-poo spray, Oopsie Poopsie can also be used post-poo (in case you or someone else forgets to spray beforehand). ?It?s a powerful bathroom air freshener and a bathroom must-have that will transform foul and stale into fresh, clean and pleasant with just two sprays. ?Bring it with you wherever you go!?Rethink the stink & disclaim the shame! With your go-to toilet odor eliminator spray, no one will ever know what business you make in the bathroom again! Oopsie Poopsie eliminates odors so you can poop discreetly and poop confidently. Your poo doesn?t have to smell. It?s time to rule your stool!


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