EasyTouch Insulin Syringe U-100 31G 0.5cc 5/16" (8mm) Box of 100 (Polybag)

Sale price$20.00


Easy Touch Syringes are coated in a film for maximum comfort and they line up precisely for accurate and reliable readings. Not only that but these Each Touch products are latex-free. The needle is made of surgical grade stainless steel and is securely attached, thereby eliminating the worry of the needle popping off. This high-quality product also has a protective plunger cap designed to keep the needle sterile during shipping. Please Note: The higher the gauge, the thinner the needle. For example, a 31 gauge needle is thinner than a 28 gauge needle. Tri-Bevel Cut tip Electropolished to remove burrs Film-coated for a smoother injection Length: 12.7mm Gauge: 28G Brand: Easy Touch


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