Wealuxe 8-feet Rectangle Tablecloth - Spandex Stretchable Table Cloth Cover, Black, 2 Pack

Sale price$19.99 USD


Dress Up Your Tables With These Stretch Tablecloths. The cover is made from a blend of 90% polyester and 10% spandex, which stretches out with ease. The unique design offers you an inexpensive yet great looking upgrade for your table. The design of the tablecloth is such that each corner has reinforced elastic foot pockets that are designed to hold each leg. The spandex and polyester fabric is wrinkle resistant. You can use it for any event taking place at your home, especially at outdoor events. The Black color looks great for any number of events without any problems. You do not even need to iron it before or after using it. Care Instructions: The high quality material ensures that the stretch tablecloth is stain resistant. To wash the cloth, you can use the washing machine or hand wash it.

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