Weekly Magnetic Calendar for Refrigerator-Weekly Dry Erase Board for Fridge 17x12 inch with 1 Magnet Eraser and 6 Magnet fine tip Markers

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?? Are you tired of telling your partner/ kids or extended family about something coming up? ??Do you happen to be a planner so you find it really important that everyone BE on time or keep their schedule WITHOUT you remind them every morning and night? ??Then this amazing fridge calendar is for you, It is perfect for keeping track of your Daily. ?? Maybe this is a great tool for keeping your wife and you on the same page. ??This is a super handy tool for keeping the whole family organized. With all the different colours you can show who needs to be where, and everyone can stay up to date at a glance. ??The weekly magnetic calendar lets you keep track of things that are important throughout the week instead of the paper calendar that you frequently forget to look at. It’s in your face so you are more apt to pay attention to what needs to be done. It's also not like wall mounted calendars that left holes In your wall.

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