WolVolk (Set of 12) Bundle Pull Back Toy Trains - Non Toxic & Colorful Pullback Train Toys - Friction Vehicle & Action Playset for Party Favors for Ki

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The WolVol (Set of 12) Bundle Pull Back Toy Trains entertain by speeding across the floor with great momentum. You will not run out of batteries, because these trains are ?pull powered? by kids, resulting in lots of fun. Furthermore, the 12 Pull Back Toy Trains are easy for little hands to enjoy without any help. Children learn quickly how to pull back their trains and watch them zoom away. The Pull Back Toy Trains are also ideal for party favors and racing games among friends. These toys trigger a child?s curiosity and imagination. Each of the 12 trains is unique with different colors and details. Little train lovers and buffs especially enjoy the authentic train engine designs - just like real trains - for hours of fascinating fun. The WolVol (Set of 12) Bundle Pull Back Toy Trains are the perfect gift idea for birthdays, holidays, and other special occasions. Providing long-lasting strength and enjoyment, the Pull Back Toy Trains use expertly crafted durable plastic of excellent quality to endure long-term use. These satisfying toys will provide tons of fun for both boys and girls alike.

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