Zohzo Car Seat Travel Bag - Adjustable Padded Backpack for Car Seats (Black)

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Car Seat Padded Travel Bag by ZOHZO

Make traveling with young children even easier by taking their car seat along for the ride!

If you’ve ever traveled by plane, train or boat, you know firsthand the struggle can be when you have an infant or toddler than needs a car seat. You end up having to lug it from place to place all while trying to balance luggage, your child, and the car seat itself; things that are much harder than people would imagine.

That’s why you need the ZOHZO Car Seat Backpack.

Carefully designed to be comfortable, convenient, and strong enough to stay up to the hectic world of travel, our car seat backpack is made to free up parents’ hands so they can focus more on their children and their trip, without having to leave behind their most important child safety equipment.

It’s time you saved money while traveling, both in plane fees and car seat rental fees, and still had a plan to keep your child safe while you’re on the go.

QUALITY and FEATURES parents need and want while traveling

Compatible with Most Name Brand Car Seats

Travel with your child's car seat and stroller as checked baggage for no additional charge. Check your airline policy.

Our ZOHZO Car Seat Backpack comes with the following amazing features:

Adjustable Carrying Straps

Built-In Handle for Easy Lifting

Hands Free Carrying Waist Strap

Fits Most Major Carseat Brands

Padded Interior Comfort and Protection

Lockable Double Zipper

Water-Resistant Fabric

Includes Luggage ID

Click “Add to Cart” above and never again leave your child’s car seat behind when you’re traveling by plane or train.


Padded, Backpack Straps, Carry Handles, Adjustable Waist Strap

Drawstring, Lightweight/Durable Nylon, Backpack Straps, Carry Handles

Wide Opening, Double Zipper, Lightweight/Durable Nylon, Detachable Shoulder Straps, Carry Handles

2 car seat protectors

6 pieces: 2 carseat protectors, 2 kick mats, 2 backpack mirrors

3 pieces: 1 carseat protector, 1 kick mat, 1 backseat mirror

Color Options

Black, Grey/Blue, Purple/Black

Black with Blue Trim






Fits Most Major Brand Car Seats - check Compatibility Chart Above

Fits Most Major Brand Car Seats

Fits Most Major Brand Strollers

Standard Size for all vehicles

Standard Size for all vehicles

Standard Size for all vehicles

Premium Quality

Air Travel Compatible

★ TRAVEL MADE EASY: Traveling can be difficult when you have a young child still in a car seat. Our versatile backpack allows you to take their seat everywhere you go so you never have to worry about their vehicle safety.
★ ULTRA COMPATIBILITY: Our premium, adjustable backpack not only saves you money on flights, it also fits most car seats manufactured by major brands
★ HEAVY DUTY, WATERPROOF DESIGN: We’ve carefully crafted our traveler’s backpack using heavy-duty, water-resistant fabric and a lockable double zipper opening. This ensures it can stand up to the rigors of a busy airport terminal.
★ COMFORTABLE, HANDS-FREE CARRYING: The ZOHZO Car Seat Backpack can be carried by use of the built-in handle, or by the shoulder and waist straps for hands-free comfort. Keep your hands free to play with children and hand over your tickets.
★ SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Each of our car seat backpacks come with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. What’s more, if you aren’t completely happy with our premium backpack, simply return it within 14 days for a full refund.

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